Publication & Media

Manduka Mag: Mental Health Month, written by and featuring Halle Miroglotta. May 2021.

The Adventures of Citron and the Little Black Book, written by Halle Miroglotta and published on Vocal. March 2021.

Manduka Mag Product Feature: Meet the Mini Block, written by and featuring Halle Miroglotta. February 2021.

Manduka Mag: Connect Your “Why” With Your Finances, by Halle Miroglotta. December 2020.

Manduka Mag: Studio Spotlight on Citizen Yoga, by Halle Miroglotta. December 2020

Manduka Mag: Studio Spotlight on The Collective STL, by Halle Miroglotta. October 2020

Manduka Mag: Ambassador Spotlight on Lade Akande, by Halle Miroglotta. July 2020

Manduka Mag: Post-COVID Studio Recommendations, by Halle Miroglotta. June 2020

How To Create a Powerful Home Yoga Practice with Halle Miroglotta: a Podcast Interview with The Hot Room Indianapolis. March 2020

40-min Yoga Video Class from Manduka Yoga’s Youtube, by Halle Miroglotta. March 2020

Manduka Mag: Studio Spotlight on The Hot Room, by Halle Miroglotta. March 2020

A Conversation with Manduka Midwest Community Lead: Halle Miroglotta Feature from The Hot Room, Indianapolis. September 2019

The CHAARG Podcast (#74) interviews Halle Miroglotta on Breathwork, Vedic Philosophy, and Creating a Yoga Practice at Home. July 2019

Home Practice with Halle: Yoga Tools for Every Body Yoga podcast created, produced and hosted by Halle Miroglotta. Spring-Summer 2019

Ayurveda Interview with Halle Miroglotta, featured on Soul Alignment (Ep#9). April 2019

Interview with Halle Miroglotta by Voyage Chicago, March 2018.

Sadhana Marga, Halle Miroglotta’s personal blog on the spiritual path

Instagram Feature of Halle Miroglotta @halleyoga: Namaste Chicago Inspiration from Local Yogis. February 2018

Mantra Magazine: Photo Feature (Readers’ Photos from Across the Globe) page 122. 2016.

Chicago Yogi Feature by photographer Robert Sturman, April 2015.

108 Yoga Images from 2014 by photographer Robert Sturman, December 2014.