“I first met Halle at a pool party. We bonded over like interests and yoga happened to be one of many of them. She told me taught and I told her I’d love to take her class. Needless to say it became a weekly ritual. Every Sunday at 9:15am. Halle is a beautiful soul and it reflects not only in her practice but in her teaching. She has a way of connecting your body with your mind and your mind with your body. She pushes and encourages you even when you think you can’t. And quite honestly, we all need that support. If you are new or advanced, I highly recommend taking her classes. – Sonya Robinson, Personal Trainer, 2019

“Halle is one of the most intelligent yoga teachers I have encountered. Her passions for the human body and human connection fuse together in a way unparalleled by anyone I have ever worked with. Her knowledge base is extensive because she is constantly putting herself in the role of student. Allowing her students to connect with her on a sincerely genuine level while offering a deeply physically connected class. As a facilitator she is warm, focused, and inspiring.” –Sara Nash, Yoga Six Midwest Regional Manager (Chicago and Milwaukee), 2018

“I first met Halle doing my first 200-hour yoga teacher training.  Halle was one of our trainers.  While she was warm and kind, her natural ability to perfectly explain a theory or posture made our training so not only enjoyable, but really felt like I learned more than I would have otherwise.  This teaching style absolutely carries over into her classes where she teaches in a way that makes you feel like a yoga rockstar regardless of your ability…. and somehow you find yourself pushing your edge further and achieve more.  Although I am not close and can not attend her classes on regular basis.  She is still one of the best teachers I’d come across.” –Cornelia Baum, Production Talent Manager 2018

“We were very fortunate to have Halle as our birth doula.   She was with us in the hospital for nearly 24 hours of labour and remained a strong support system for my wife and I. We met with Halle throughout the pregnancy to discuss our intentions and birth plan, she was very attentive to our requests and approach.  She introduced yoga postures to help relieve tensions and helped my wife move throughout the hospital room.  She made the environment very comfortable for us and was great company for passing the time.  Especially for us first time parents, her help was invaluable navigating the birth process. “ Marc Javenshad, father and doula client, 2017

“Halle lives and breaths yoga. Not only is she a skilled yogi herself, but more importantly she knows how to teach it. Her teaching style is adaptable depending on who she is teaching. She finds ways to shift her approach so she can invite and comfort new yogis, while challenging and pushing those with a stronger practice. I would also highly recommend Halle for teaching workshops and training groups. I had the pleasure of spending three months with her as she led my training group, and she earned an A+ in my book for overall knowledge about the subjects, responsiveness to emails and questions, support throughout a sometimes stressful and overwhelming journey, and most importantly, an A+ for caring!! She cares about her students and wants to do everything in her power to make sure they succeed. Halle is dependable, positive and energetic and is super passionate about her work. Her students, whether yogis or yogi teachers in training, would be honored to have her lead them in their practice.” –Peri Heft, Digital Marketer, 2017

“”Halle embodies the concept of creating a yoga community. She empowers her students to learn, play and enjoy their yoga practice while freely sharing her insight and path along the journey. I always feel challenged and grateful for my practice with her.” Justin Brill, Corepower Yoga Studio Assistant, Actor, 2017

“Halle is among my most inspiring yoga teachers. Her teaching style is personable, makes you feel at ease, and will zen you out! She has a way of making you feel like you WILL be able to do it, and with Halle as your guide, know that you WILL!” –Christina Reyes, 2016

“I’ve tried yoga before, but with my type-A personality, it never seemed to stick until I met Halle. Through Halle’s inviting and encouraging leadership in class, I’m officially hooked. She has made yoga relevant and accessible to me, my body, and where I am in my life- so much so that’s she’s currently leading me through teacher training to further deepen my practice. Undoubtedly, Halle’s energy, passion and dedication for her students shines through in every class. She encourages us to try new things, grow, and have fun.”Angela Liu, Lawyer, 2015

“Only in my dreams will I ever be able to do the athletic movements and asanas as Halle. I respect her skill and enjoy it, but her most impressive asset is her huge heart. Halle was one of my teacher training leads in the summer of 2014. I was the old guy in the group of mainly 20-something girls, but Halle made me feel welcome and know that my voice was important too. I was beginning to struggle a bit with being newly retired and wondering what to do with the rest of my life. Now I know, thanks to Halle and others who have made me feel at home on my mat. She has a clear, competent, strong and loving voice!” –Sam Nelson, retired journalist, 2015

“I consider Halle to be my yoga master. I had taken yoga at previous studios sporadically in my life, but it was really when I took my first class 8 months ago with Halle that I grew to love yoga. I believe Halle helped cultivate this love through her welcoming personality, concise instruction, and warm spirit. Furthermore, I have found Halle’s classes to be the perfect blend of physical endurance and mental engagement. Each class with Halle I find myself further encouraged and empowered to try new poses and unfamiliar inversions. Recently, I decided to deepen my own practice by enrolling in formal teacher training, and Halle has demonstrated excellent leadership and knowledge in helping me one day share my love for yoga! No matter if you are a beginner or seasoned yogi, I am certain you will enjoy Halle!” Joseph Chang, 2014