Playful. Spacious. Strong.

Halle Miroglotta is a Cleveland-born, Chicago-based yoga instructor who specializes in teaching all levels of Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranayama, and Meditation, with special interest in providing modifications and customizations for injuries or limited mobility, teaching arm balances, acro yoga, and pre-natal yoga. Halle’s teaching style is articulate and disciplined. Her classes are spacious, playful, and strong.

She received her first 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in the foundations of yoga instruction, postures, alignment, philosophy and business through Corepower Yoga in April 2012 with Ashley Kohler and Renee Zambo.

Ever an eager learner, after a few years of teaching Halle sought more training and earned her Yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga) certification through Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. She completed 200-hours of training in Tyrol, Austria in September 2014, and 300-hours in Ustka, Poland in September-October 2016. Here, she learned a traditional and exact yoga system aimed at the evolution of the individual through study and instruction in yoga poses, proper breathing, relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking, and meditation. It is within this tradition that Halle developed her teaching techniques to increase wellness, build harmony and foster peace.

Also in 2016, from January to September, Halle completed Amala School of Prenatal Yoga‘s 90-hour teacher training, facilitated by Cassie Rodgers and Lela Beem and supported by physical therapy, nurse midwifery, obstetrical and perinatal psychology professionals. Three modules of training covered techniques of yoga for fertility, in order to alleviate common complaints and balance mental state during pregnancy, to reveal inner resources during labor and delivery, and to support physical and emotional wealth and healing during the post-partum period.

Knowing her interest in serving the needs of the emotional and subtle body, several of her pre-natal yoga students asked her to be their birth doula. Halle eventually received training in April 2017 as a Birth Doula through the Doula Organization of North America (DONA). Since then, she has held pre-natal consultations with mothers and partners regarding birth preferences and mindset, provided continuous physical, emotional and informational support to mothers before, during and shortly after labor, in order to improve physical and psychological outcomes and help families achieve the healthiest, most empowering birth experience possible.

From 2012-present, Halle has worked actively as a yoga teacher. In addition to maintaining a robust weekly class schedule, she has led workshops and informational lectures around the Midwest and as far as Mexico ranging in content from Arm Balance and Inversion, Partner Yoga, Move Into Balance, Pre-Natal Yoga, Sanskrit and Sound, Yoga for Depression/Yoga for Anxiety, Introduction to Pranayama as well as donation-based community classes benefiting charitable organizations including the Prison Yoga Project, My Block My Hood My City, and Pilot Lights.

Halle is also a lead for Corepower’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs, and has amassed 2000+ hours of facilitation since 2013. She recently finished facilitating her first yoga teacher training through Breathe for Change, which is a 200-hour yoga teacher training designed specifically for educators and mental health professionals. Halle is highly regarded as a knowledgeable, capable educator.

She is passionate about providing individualized instruction in an inclusive environment. As a teacher and practitioner, she knows that yoga is a lifestyle. She resists the dilution of yoga’s teachings to accommodate mass marketing. Instead, it is her intention to honor the lineage so that students can harness their energy, clear away the blockages of habits or patterns that may not serve them, and strengthen their mental stamina and discipline.

Currently, Halle is proud to be employed by Lakeshore Fitness (Lincoln Park and Illinois Center locations) and Corepower Yoga (Bucktown). When she is not teaching yoga, she maintains a daily practice. She is the creator, producer and host of the podcast Home Practice With Halle: Yoga Tools for Every Body. She also enjoys writing, growing food in her little urban garden, dancing salsa and bachata, cooking and eating nourishing vegetarian cuisine, reading books, riding her bicycle, and maintaining important relationships. She holds a BA in Philosophy from Loyola University Chicago (2011), and regularly muses over “the big questions.” You are warmly invited to connect with Halle on social media at @halleyoga.