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Yoga Six South Loop is proud to host a 6-week 90-minute vinyasa series from Feb 17-Mar 24 featuring a new guest teacher and a fun new class each week.

Feb 24 | Halle Miroglotta: Sequencing for Energetic Balance

This 90-minute workshop is designed to serve yoga teachers and yoga practitioners who are looking to balance their energetic tendencies, whether they need to root or invigorate. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, and two short asana practices, attendees will develop resources for identifying their state, harnessing their energy through posture and breath, and intelligently sequencing their home practice or their classes to therapeutic effect. The premise of this workshop is inspired by the Ayurvedic principles of Brahmana and Langhana. Practices that promote Brahmana increase vitality and build energy in the body; those that foster Langhana are grounding and calm. All participants are encouraged to bring a journal, a writing utensil, and a yoga mat.

Looking Ahead:

I am looking for spaces in Chicago to host open to the public, community-based donation classes, the proceeds of which would be donated in full to local area organizations such as I Grow Chicago, Chicago Lights, and My Block My Hood My City. If you are able to provide free of charge spaces to me Summer 2018, please contact me at with details.