Podcast: Home Practice with Halle

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4/8/2020: Home Practice During COVID-19: 60-minute Asana Class 

As communities across the nation and across the world live with quarantines and lock-downs, ‘Home’ has become more than just a place finish the day, and moves center-stage as a makeshift office, place of worship, space for education, and refuge to unwind. As everyone adjusts to the “new normal,” it has become even more necessary to establish a dedication to a yoga practice which is, by necessity, at home. If you are struggling to transition from the studio environment to your own home, this is a full-length, all-levels yoga practice designed to strengthen and stretch your entire body. The audio from this episode was recorded from a live Zoom yoga session taught to an attendance of 30. Even though we are physically separated now, we can continue to change the energy surrounding our experience by moving and breathing together. As always, please customize the practice to suit your physical needs. Listen to your body. Breathe. You are your own best teacher. Meet yourself where you are. Grab your mat get ready to dig in.

Interview with Hye Jin Kalgaonkar of The Hot Room + 5 Minute Meditation

Today’s episode is an interview with an extraordinary person in the yoga community— an entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and the founder/owner of the Indianapolis based studio called The Hot Room, which recently opened another location in Chicago’s North Shore. Join us as we dive into the ways that The Hot Room is changing the landscape of the hot yoga community– from their consistent mantra to create a welcoming space, to the creation and offering of one of the region’s first POC scholarships to their teacher training program, to the development of their Leadership Institute, to their global wellness retreats. Hye Jin and The Hot Room are also dedicated charitable partners to their community, with a commitment to making the maximum impact by partnering with local organizations like the Patachou Foundation (which cooks and serves wholesome meals to food insecure children throughout the Indianapolis area). In developing a home yoga practice, she recommends creating a space and showing up regularly, so that your practice becomes part of who you are. Get inspired to do more than just yoga classes, and find out what’s the come. Plus, enjoy a five minute guided breathing meditation for use in your home practice, led by Hye Jin Kalgaonkar herself. For more information, please read: https://thehotroom.com/ @hjkyoga @thehotroomyoga @thehotroomnorthshore

Interview with Nicole Cardoza of Yoga Foster & Reclamation Ventures + 2 Min Breathing Exercise

Today’s episode is an interview with a special guest— an entrepreneur, yoga instructor, investor, and speaker, passionate about reducing the wellness gap, and creating innovative solutions in health and wellness for communities in need. Nicole Cardoza is a power house and an admirable disruptor in the wellness industry today. She has been featured in Self, mindbodygreen, GirlBoss, was named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30, and was most recently on the August 2019 cover of Yoga Journal (to name a few). She is the founder and executive director of both Yoga Foster (which is a national non-profit that empowers educators with yoga and mindfulness resources in the classroom) and Reclamation Ventures (a grant fund that invests in high-potential, underestimated entrepreneurs making wellness more accessible in their communities). Together, we dig in to what inspired her wellness journey, high-light the social power of her businesses, and talk about the necessary support we can provide to change the game. Plus, enjoy a two minute “Flower/Candle” breathing meditation for personal use or within your classroom, led by Nicole Cardoza herself.  For more information, please read: https://www.nicoleacardoza.com/ @nicoleacardoza, @yogafoster, @reclamationventures

S2/EP#2: Yoga for Airplane Travel

As you may know, airport travel is by far one of the most relaxing experiences available. What, no? That’s not your experience? You’re not alone. In fact, in recent years, there have been studies on the effects of airplane travel on the body, detailing that the pressure, temperature, and oxygen levels in the cabin fluctuate throughout the flight, and the humidity level is much lower than at sea level. The combination of all of these factors can easily mess with your body’s normal functions, by dehydrating you, and draining your energy through less oxygen absorption. Sitting in tight quarters for hours and hours can also affect your blood flow. Not to mention that the process of traveling itself could involve switching time zones, coming into contact with hundreds of other people, and creating additional stress as you navigate your personal time table and itinerary, against the odds of the chaos around you. In today’s episode, experience some simple movements to maintain circulation and comfort as you travel. Enjoy your flight!

S2/EP#1: Yoga Postures for Digestion + 23-minute Asana Practice

Get things moving internally with a 23-minute yoga posture practice designed to stretch and twist the belly, bringing more blood flow into the abdomen and stimulating peristalsis (the alternating contraction and relaxation of the abdominal organs, which pushes the contents of the canal forward) . Experience postures like bow pose, camel pose, child’s pose, supine twist, wind-removing pose, and more. It is not required, but you may want to locate a blanket to use as a prop throughout this practice. Make this practice your own as you unroll your mat in your designated practice space, or create room for yourself wherever you are. Let’s go!

S1/EP#12: Alternate Nostril Breathing 1:2 Ratio + 8-Minute Practice

Build upon the foundation of your Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique by increasing the ratio of your breaths to 1:2, making the exhalation twice as long as the inhalation. The focus on the exhalation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest and digest” or “rest and restore” response in the body), and helps to lower both heart rate and blood pressure. It also allows you to override the impulse of automatic breath, building discipline, while making each breath an act of purpose and intention.

S1/EP#11: Yoga Philosophy: The Moral Observances (Niyamas) + Reflection

Build upon last week’s philosophical, yogic foundation as you explore the second limb of the Eight-Limbed Path, (called the Niyamas), comprised of five moral observances.  Consider the principles of cleanliness, contentedness, personal discipline, self-study, and devotion to something greater than yourself, and then examine these values in your own life. Feel free to grab a piece of paper and a pen to jot down your notes or reflections, or simply sit back to process this information internally, and let’s dig in.

S1/EP#10: Yoga Philosophy: The Moral Restraints (Yamas) + Reflection

Yoga is a practice of mind and body– but at the heart of it all, the system of yoga is intended to provide a solid philosophical, ethical foundation upon which to build your life. In other words, it is not enough to alleviate suffering in your own life, if your thoughts, words, or actions “off the mat” cause suffering in the lives of others. In this episode, learn more about the yoga “manual” for right living, called the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the road-map it describes for right living (called the Eight-Limbed Path), and learn more about the first “limb” (the Yamas), comprised of five moral restraints.  Consider the moral precepts of non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, right use of energy, and non-hoarding, and then invite a practice of self-study, examining these values in your own life. Feel free to grab a piece of paper and a pen to jot down your notes or reflections.

S1/EP#9: Introduction to Meditation + 6-Minute Affirmation Practice

Meditation refers not just to one single method, but to a whole collection of techniques for nurturing concentration, resilience, and ease within the mind. Break down some of the misconceptions about meditation, hear from some folks who have already begun their meditation journey, and learn about a specific, concrete, and personal tool called “positive affirmations.” Finally, you’ll experience a guided 6-minute Affirmation Meditation for yourself. Additionally, you can check out your host, Halle Miroglotta, as the guest star on Episode #9 of the Soul Alignment Podcast for an-hour long interview on Ayurveda. Special thanks to this episode’s contributors: Tamara Arrington, Carmen Adela Anta, Charlie Jacobs (@charlie_irl), Karla Huffman Barry (@karlaproduces), Shimon Mery, Charnele Guerrero, Felipe Gonzales (@yogigonz) and Cameron Starnes.

S1/EP#8: Self Study for Energy Regulation: Prana In/Prana Out

Have you ever fallen into the rut of telling yourself that you don’t have time for the things you’d like to do? The word “prana” refers to more than just the breath. Rather, it describes the totality of your life force, or vital energy. This episode asks you to examine your own life– your routines, your habits, and your expectations– in order to observe which ones drain your energy, and which ones revitalize you. And then, take ownership over your time and energy by creating lifestyle shifts toward your happiness.  Fill your time with what fills you up, and gradually release the attachment to what drains you with this self-study technique called Prana In/Prana Out.

S1/EP#7: Techniques for Low Back Care + 20-Minute Asana Practice

Are you part of the 80% of the population that will suffer from low-back pain at some point in their lives? Join your host Halle Miroglotta in order to learn a little bit information about how to keep yourself safe within your regular movements during your day. Then, during a guided asana practice designed specifically for low-back care, experience various techniques for mobility and stability including windshield wipers, pelvic tilts, bridge pose, hamstring stretching, partial crunches, and happy baby pose.

S1/EP#6: Introduction to Alternate Nostril Breath 1:1 Ratio + 5-Minute Practice

Build a connection between your hand and wrist exercises, the concept of brain lateralization, and your experiences with breath awareness as you dive into the technique of Alternate Nostril Breath. Learn about the origins of this technique, and listen to some more recent scientific studies on its benefit to the human nervous system and mindset. Finally, experience it for yourself in a guided five minute practice.

S1/EP#5: Hand and Wrist Care + 8 Techniques for Strength and Mobility

Whether you think about them often or not, your hands are probably a huge part of your daily life. They perform skills you need for survival, for employment, or for hobby. Sometimes, through inactivity or repetitive motion, hands and wrists suffer from common complaint like joint stiffness or carpal tunnel syndrome. Particularly in weight-bearing postures in yoga, the untrained hands and wrists might take the strain. In this episode, explore the anatomy of the hand as you examine and move your own. Practice and incorporate several simple hand and wrist exercises for mobility including circular movements with loose fists and tapping the thumb along each finger pad, and build strength in the top and the bottom of the forearm through weight shifting and awareness exercises in the posture table top.

S1/EP#4: Introduction to Breath (Pranayama) + 10-Minute Breath Awareness/Equal Parts Breath

Explore the topic of breath regulation and control, or pranayama. First, learn more about what is really happening in your body when you inhale and exhale (anatomy nerds rejoice!). Then, hear the experiences of individuals who already have a regular breath awareness practice in their life (including Tushad Mehta, Rissi Pacheco, Juliet Brown, Jonathan Villacres, and Paula Bui). And finally, experience the power of breath for yourself in your first guided 10-minute breathing practice. The techniques utilized, breath awareness and equal parts breath, can be practiced at any time throughout your day.

S1/EP#3: Introduction to Postures (Asana) + 8-Minute Standing Practice

Join your host Halle Miroglotta in learning more about the benefits of having a regular yoga posture practice. Explore some of the reasons why you might benefit from a yoga posture practice, and hear the stories of individuals who have already incorporated mindful movement into their lives. Then, step up to your yoga mat( or just stand up wherever you are) for an eight-minute practice involving techniques to find grounding like stamping your feet, shaking it out, and building awareness of your foundation and neutral alignment through Mountain Pose.

S1/EP#2: Stress, Relaxation + 20-Minute Guided Savasana

Acknowledge and address the effects of stress on the physical, mental, and emotional body. Examine some of the benefits of relaxation, while acknowledging common obstacles and experiences through a collection of personal testimonies (including Matthew, Elena Colas, Carmen Adela Anta, Ann Edgington, and Meher Farhan Siddiqi). Finally, your host Halle Miroglotta will guide you through a 20-minute savasana practice intended to refine and restore your relaxation response through the tools of progressive relaxation and auto-suggestion. Give yourself permission to be present for the subtle skill of surrender.

S1/EP#1: Home Practice with Halle: An Introduction + Make a Space

Welcome to the first episode of Home Practice with Halle! Meet your host, Halle Miroglotta. Acknowledge common and personal obstacles to a home yoga practice through stories from yogis all over the world (including Hanna Ahn, Laimonas Gricius, Sonya Robinson,  Samuel Francis, Jess Victor, and Nikki Inniss), create a designated practice space in your own home, and shift your perspective with your first guided gratitude practice.